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The Yarrow Cookery School delivers online tutorials and team building sessions, for both one off occasions and routine wellbeing packages. A popular choice for companies is to organise a monthly online cook-a-long class for colleagues to engage in a fun and creative environment. Many businesses choose to use our services for their Christmas/summer office party or routine team bonding. These approaches have been proven to increase wellbeing and team morale. We hope that some of our testimonials below will help you to book your team building experience with The Yarrow Cookery School in full confidence. To reserve your date use the book online page, selecting large group, or contact us directly to make your booking.

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“I loved the cooking event with the virtual cooking class.  Rich was easy to follow. I would have not picked a curry with cream because I have always thought of them as bland, lacking flavour and mild.  After the cooking class I have realised this was a total misconception on my part.  The flavours of the curry paste went well together so well.  The chillies added my level of heat.  We gave a portion to my mother in law and she said it was the best one I have cooked. Edinburgh has always been on our list of places to visit. When we do visit Edinburgh, we would love to have a visit to Yarrow cooking school.”


“During my time at the Yarrow cooking school I found a completely new gastronomic experience. I was walked through step by step how to make an amazing festive pie, by a top chef that was full of tips and tricks - all in the comfort of my own kitchen!”

"Thank you so much for your tremendous event tonight, there was the terrific satisfaction that Jackie, Brendan and Will had really loved the session, and we all had the further reward of the delicious meal.  We really enjoyed the event, and much of this came from your professionalism, your patience and your teaching.  It has been a bizarre year, but tonight was one of the best of our separated ones"

" Typically at the end of a big project we would celebrate with a big fancy meal and drinks. Working remotely has obviously curbed our ability to do such things, but Richard's class was a brilliant alternative. He was well organised in advance of the event and explained all of the ingredients and set up of the event clearly, don't underestimate how important this can be in the world of virtual events! The class itself was very informative and Richard really made an effort to ensure everyone was involved and engaged during the evening. I would definitely recommend the course! "


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