FAQs for online Classes

How many webcams can be on the class at a time? The maximum the school would recommend would be 15 as anymore than this and it will be hard for the chef to give each student the time they are needed.

Do we have to buy our own ingredients? Yes, you need to buy your own ingredients unless you live locally to the School in Edinburgh, and you are happy to pay extra for the collection and delivery of ingredients.

How many dishes do we cook in the class? This will vary depending on the number of webcams on the call. For the Work Team course in the 90 minutes you will cook at least a main course with side dishes and in the Friends and Family course you would cook a main course and a dessert. With the One to One course it will depend on the complexity of the dish and the students culinary experience.

What equipment do you need to do an online course?

To take part all you need is a either a computer (with inbuilt webcam) or a smart phone, ideally you would  have a separate webcam which you can plug into your computer so you can set up your camera in a position where the chef can see both you and your hobs and chopping board in the same view. 

For the group classes will you do different length classes? Yes, the minimum length class will be an hour and group course running for a day will be possible like the one to one virtual class.

At the Yarrow Cookery School we take pride on flexibility and will always try and accommodate the clients needs, the best way to find out if the School can run a specific course for your needs is to call: 07305249132 or email: yarrowcookery@gmail.com 


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