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Gift vouchers

Please fill out the form below. We will then send you our bank details and your gift voucher via email.


  • We will send your voucher within 48 hours, if you require your voucher to be sent sooner please give us a call so that we can accommodate that. 

  • Classes start at £65 for a kid's class and £310 for a weeks cookery course. The Summer Off To Uni cookery week is £320. Adult classes start at £90, please check class schedules for individual adult class prices, these may vary. 

  • Your e-voucher will be sent via email, for an extra £10 we can print and send your voucher in the post. 

  • Gift vouchers can be used against any private or public class

  • All vouchers must be used within 18 months of their purchase date. 

Thank you, we will send your voucher as soon as possible!
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